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The Incredible Politeness of Being: Women in the Secular Communities

Mentioned in What happens when women in the international non-religious communities speak their minds?

"Of course, individuals harbour the right to freedom of belief and freedom of religion. If they deem fit for their lives, then they can worship as they wish without qualms, as a human right.

Which implies, the same for the secular in nations killing them for existing or punishing them for questioning tenets of the faith, or, in the utilization of freedom of expression, punished with the fundamentalist religious crime of blasphemy.

Thus, the emphasis on the equality of women becomes social and legal equality or a sociological question about the equitable structuring or ordering of secular society for the benefit of the non-religious and the religious, especially as the benefits for women in a variety of contexts will benefit the men.

Women’s rights, as human rights and inseparable from one another, become beneficial on, at minimum, three levels: women, men, and societies."

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