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Claire has a background in law and psychology, and is currently working on her degree in Religious Studies.  She has been involved in the skeptic movement since 2013 as co-organizer of the Czech Paranormal Challenge. Since then, she has consulted on various projects, where woo & belief meets science. Claire has spoken at multiple science&skepticism conferences and events. She also organized the European Skeptics Congress 2017, and three years of the Czech March for Science.
Her current activities include chairing the European Council of Skeptical Organisations, running the "Don't Be Fooled" project, which provides free critical thinking seminars to interested high schools, contributing to the Czech Religious Studies journal Dingir, as well as to their online news in religion website. In her free time, Claire visits various religious movements to understand better what draws people to certain beliefs.
She lives in Prague with her (literally) hypnotizing husband and her dog.

Past Events, A Selection

2020, January - Co-Founder and Co-Organizer of lecture program Skeptical Tuesdays, Prague Czech Republic

2019, September - Speaker at l'Université d'automne, "Skepticism in Europe," Montpellier, France

2019, August/September - Gave the opening speech at the 18th European Skeptics Congress, re-elected as President of ECSO

2019, June - Prezentér, stánek Paranormální výzva ČKS Sisyfos, Veletrh vědy, Praha

2019, May - Organizer of the Czech Satellite March, March for Science, Prague, Czech Republic

2019, April - Přednášející, "Skepticismus 21. století," Hvězdárna a Planetárium Brno 

2019, February - Přednášející, "Nenechte se nachytat," pro Společnost pro kriminalistiku

2018, October - Panelist, "Skepticism under a Microscope," Co-Host of the QED ESP episode, at QEDCon, Manchester, UK

2018, October - Přednášející v rámci Noc vědců, "Horoskopy: Co vás (ne)čeká," AV ČR, Praha

2018, August - Speaker at Skeptics on the Fringe, "How to Visit Religious Movements as a Skeptic," Edinburgh, Scotland

2018, August - Speaker at Glasgow Skeptics, "Paranormal Beliefs in Everyday Lives," Glasgow, Scotland

2018, August - Guest Lecturer at Multi Kulti KreAktiv Camp, Zwettl, Austria

2018, August - Guest at GWUP Psi-Tests, Würzburg, Germany

2018, July - Attendee at NECSS, NYC, USA

2018, June - Prezentér, stánek Paranormální výzva ČKS Sisyfos, Veletrh vědy, Praha

2018, May - Přednášející, "Nejen vědecký skepticismus v Evropě 21. století," HTF UK, Praha

2018, April - Organizer of the Czech Satellite March, March for Science, Prague, Czech Republic

2018, March - Gave a speech at Atheist Days, Warsaw Poland

2018, March - Panelista, "Bitva se Satanem," ETF UK, Praha 

2017, October-Today - Started the Don't Be Fooled Project  / Započat probíhající přednáškový projekt Nenech se nachytat

2017, October - Speaker at SkeptiCamp, "Skeptics in Europe Unite," attendee at QEDcon, Manchester, UK

2017, September - Organizer of the 17th European Skeptics Congress, Wroclaw, Poland, elected President of ECSO 

2017, June/July - Attendee at NECSS, NYC, USA

2017, May - Speaker at Rationalist International, "When the Paranormal Becomes the Real Normal," Helsinki, Finland

2017, April - Organizer of the Czech Satellite March, March for Science, Prague, Czech Republic

2016, October - Attendee at CSICon, Participant in the Skeptical Activism Workshop (Susan Gerbic) and the Teaching Critical Thinking Workshop (Raymond Edward Hall, Katie Dyer), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

2016, October - Speaker at SkeptiCamp, attendee at QEDcon, Manchester, UK 
2016, April - Attendee at Rationalist International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia


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